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Jun. 18th, 2011 @ 11:34 am Final Count Down!
Hopefully the Handivan will be painted by the end of the month. Uncles Scott my friend that stripped it bare and fixed all teh door dings etched it then primered it with two stage urethane about 4 times, is wetsanding the thing with 600 to get rid of tiny scratched and it will be ready for color.

I have a few trips I need it for next weeks but I should be able to give it to him Thursday to take to the shop for a good week and by then it should be two toned blue and the door jambs done in factory black... I've got brand new black carpeting to match the blue in it now, its gonna be a job to lossen the roll cage and slide it under and I'll have to cheat in a few places and cut around stuff that's permanently mounted but add some chrome Nerf Bars, get it detailed and I'm done!

The thing is really a blast to drive and handles like a low sitting car, except the dern brake pedal is so close to the gas its a problem with big feet so I pried it over as much I could without breaking anything but I'd really like to remove it, cut the thing and grab the welder and step it over two inches cause half the time I have to take my boots off to keep them from getting stuck under the brake pedal but I'm not really sure I want to go to the trouble of removing the arm, and it would really need to be a good weld to be safe so I really need to, so that's something I'll ponder but probably never get around to doing LOL.

Final Countdown!
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