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Jun. 12th, 2011 @ 08:49 am Free Idea for Rainbird Sprinklers!
Or how to fit a Square Peg in a Round Hole....

So after 2 months of dragging hoses around to water a couple major bare spots in the lawn I reseeded I am wishing I finished the sprinkler system but I do have the main line run underground to the front and back from the well house and now that its taken I need to thatch the entire yard and reseed everything, the grass that's there will keep the ground moist longer in this sun that a bare spot, and it would be nice to just have it all done on auto so I gots to thinkin of sprinklers.

My neighbors have a system and put there sprinkler heads up fron next to the road and he is always having to fix them cause of people plulling over and crushing them so I wanted to set my spray heads back from teh road and spray towards it but then I'd be hitting passing cars so gots to thinkin even more and realized if you took a sprinkler head and had it raise and lower the spray up and down you could fine tune it into a square with four valleys and four peaks and this also would let you keep the lines off the prpoerty line so you didn't hit them ten years later if you put up a fence or something.

It's really a simple concept, on sprinkler heads the higher you raise the spray the further the pattern and vice versa so you just need to throw it further to get into a coner and shorter on teh side and a bit of reverse math would more or less tell you the magnitude needed of the peaks and valleys and and and.

I just don't have the resources to manufacture this but it's a good idea Rainbird could run with so I posted it to thier Facebook wall lol.


I was hoping if they thought it was a good diea they's fix me up with some sprinklers LOL!


Feel free to help out and like the group then the post! Hahhahahahah
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