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May. 26th, 2011 @ 07:43 pm Hurricane Precautions
June First is the start of hurricane Season I need another project so I am thinking of what next and I really need window protection but most of my windows are six by six and Up high and would take a lotta effort to put up and take down and a large amount of room to store so If I had the extra Money I'd get some heavy steel mesh and angle iron and doing welding sandblasting and painting and install permanent steel ones you can see right through but are always there and make the ones for the bedrooms hinged in case of fire...

I'm pondering where I can find a cheap source of steel LOL but I'll probable make wood shutters for the very top floor and put in anchors to hold plywood up for the rest but geez that's a lotta work as i said, i think, Therefor I Am,
gonna dwell on this for a bit and do some landscaping over the weekend to take a break!

This is the floorplan of the main floor and shows all the walls covered in plywood since most of the inside walls I just put plywood on one side and its handy to just look at the drawing if I'm hanging pictures since I don't need to look for a stud and it, the plywood is glued and nailed every five inches so all the walls of the house end up being beams which is why it will take such a high windload but yes, I need something to keep tree branches from flying inside at a hundred miles an hour....

Hurricane Precautions
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Date:May 27th, 2011 01:30 am (UTC)

Window Protection

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As far as window protection I would imagine that something as inflexible as plywood would break like the window. I would think a layer of steel mesh, like riveted chain maille anchored to a good sturdy point (but not taut) would work wonders against flying penetrating objects (as it did for the nights of old). And a layer of a dense nylon weave fabric behind, would prevent the smaller objects from getting past. Although all this would have to be mounted on the inside and behind a layer of good old plywood or outside directly behind the plywood. to protect the glass from striking and lighter blows.
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Date:May 27th, 2011 02:44 pm (UTC)

Hurricanes break Things.

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I built the house to still stand after a big hurricane and keeep everyone safe but a good sized one will shred the place, but hopefully leave enough to replace. Plywood is pretty common down here for windows FEMA says two 3/4 sheets of plywood sandwhiching a sheet of metall is sufficiet to build a safe room which anyone building a new house should do cause the cost is minimal compared to doing it after the house is done.

Everytime we get a hurricane you'll see semi's and semi's of it headed to town and it sells out by the truckload. I'd really since I tend to plan ten years down my life to have something permanent that I can have secured in under 30 minutes and plywood and the bracing would mean i'd need to put a bolt over each windoww to winch the covers up cause of the weight and ackwardness trying to get a few screws in.

I'd prefer to have as I said some metal mesh but I'd do it in a decorative way and I mean the heavy steel mesh some trailers use for ramps. Paint them in Rustolium or something and just make them so they can swing out for a means of egress plus as a bonus it would close of any points of entry from outside not that I'm worried about that with the new system completely functioning but steel is really high right now and I honestly don't have the extra money at this time...

I get a warning on Hurricanes unlike tornadoes so what I will probably do is buy enough plywood to cover the winds but just store it and use it for something else if I win the Lotto or sell a book LOL/ The neighbors got some nice accordian style shutters that lock from inside and even covers the front door since they use to travel a lot for security and for hurricanes and the color is a real good match to my siding so I keep that in mind to, but that would be twice the cost of building a better system myself except they can have it all installed in a day.

I't gonna be a great weekend her and I hope you get some sun RT and if you feel like it plz join my gadgets group on Facebook~!

It's meant to be a fun place and I'd like people to post thier own projects but not getting very far in that respect.


Be Well!
Date:May 27th, 2011 09:22 pm (UTC)

Re: Hurricanes break Things.

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Sorry no facebook. Though I will have to watch the group from the outside in. How did you know it was RT though, I forgot my Signiture.
By the way that would be a book that I would read. I meant to ask by the way how your cave is going. Last thing I remember you had poured concrete for the one hole but then things just kind of dropped off on that project (that was what originally caught my eye with your blog I guess that comes from the fact that all boys and men who are boys dream of having their own cave/shelter/tunnel system) If you are still working on it but in secret you could reply with something cryptic that only a faithful reader of your blog would recognize...
I ask because one of my summer project ideas was to work on horizontal tunneling roof support techniques. I was thinking corrugated metal tubes, like under roads for drainage (bigger of course) but not sure how to dig a tunnel and progressively move the tube sections forward without destroying their structural integrity by bending them????
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Date:May 27th, 2011 10:06 pm (UTC)

The cave got side tracked

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I tend to have a zillion unfinished projects going on at any one time...

I thought of bending some heavy steel I could push forward with rams that were slightly taller than the arches and go in a few feet at a time then when it was done pump concrete grout over it all but that would be a major project lol.

I dream big sometimes...
Date:May 28th, 2011 12:24 am (UTC)

Re: The cave got side tracked

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Nothing wrong with dreaming big. I have always thought that it would be awesome to be a designer back in the 70's and 80's working for the government designing the governmental bomb shelters. I got google sketchup a couple years ago and thought that I would design one for the fun of it. I know I will probably (no impossible mind you) never build it or any portion of it, but I sure have fun doing it.
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Date:May 28th, 2011 11:02 am (UTC)

I designed this house in my head LOL

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The drawing you see is what I used to get a permit along with a cross section of a footer and floor plans for the basement and top floor and a front view is all.

All on note book paper LOL, no blue prints.

I swear you must never sleep...