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May. 18th, 2011 @ 08:48 am Contour Beds
Beware of them and just do a Google search on them instead of taking my word for it....


Somehow they got in contact with my wife and set up a sales call, I told the man who was very polite and took the time to appologize to him for wasting his time but I wasn't going to buy a thing and didn't even want to get the pitch but because I could tell he was a brand new salesman and probably didn't realize what he got into, on the surface it looks all nice, I let him come in and use the phone since he was required to call in and say he was there and that I did not want the pitch, then was told to let them speak to me who then began the pitch I told him repeatedly I was not intersted then finally the sales man, who remember was a good man, and we had a lot in common with our home situation, asked for the phone back and told the guy it just wasn't going to happen and he was going to leave in which he must have gotten a three minute lecture and finally said no and goodbye but since then we have gotten calls at all hours of the day from them and everytime I tell them not to call again and called them back at least four times after they had called and my wife answered because she is polite and always with a civil tongue I have asked them to stop the calls and we're even on the do not call list.

They've seem to have resorted to asking for her by name without introducing themselves and will hang up on me if tell them I am her husband who is calling.

Late last night we got a call the wife answered so I called back got a rapid fire salespitch to which I ended with my way in a few moments and told the woman not to call again and was about to tell her it was not the first time I had told them this but by then she had hung up so me being me I went to the FTC website, http://www.ftc.gov/ and filed a detailed report and now at 8:15 in the morning they called again.

I once again put an end to the gibberish but this guy was good and got a few punches in between my polite but stern words and I informed him I had filed the report and that I had at numerous times told them to stop calling.

I hope if any of you out there read this since I seem to get hits from all parts of the globe, and thanks for that I appreciate it, if you have had anything similar to this happen to you or your parents or another friend or relative that you to file a report with the FTC or wahtever Government branch your Country has to handle this kind of matter.

I have to say that I actually own two older Craftmatic beds, went through the same pitch but love to bargain and got a King sized with all the options for $1900 after they started at around 7k and it is the one I took apart for the parts and rebuilt for my wife, but if you do choose to buy one of these you should know that you can bargain them down to around 2k and once again don't take my word google it for yourself...

If anyone has had this happen to you please leave a comment even if you do not have a Live Journal account I will unscreen anything that isn't spam which is the only reason I need to screen all my comments.

Thanks to all of you who seem to read this and I've been using FB at http://www.facebook.com/#!/Senselesss but I need to get back to this one because so many of my memories are left stored here.

tumblr hit tracking tool

You all be well.
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Date:May 18th, 2011 10:52 pm (UTC)

That sounds pretty annoying for you

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Date:May 18th, 2011 11:06 pm (UTC)

Re: That sounds pretty annoying for you

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That's a pretty good way to put it LOL.

For the record I am annoyed at thier sales tactics. If you ever watch an add on tv for them they never list a price but if you went to walmart or most any other store you'd know up front what something was gonna cost you. I'm curious how many people pay full price and because of my home condition I know hospital beds are expensive and really unconfortable and if you get the prio mattress these are a lot more comfortable but not as comfortable as a high quality standrad mattress if that makes sense.

The repeated calls after telling them not is what really has me agitated, I can understand computer systems needing to update so a few calls could sneak by before the calls stopped but I think this has been going on for a good two weeks I think and the rudeness of the people on the phone just set me off.

If they had standard prices so everyone was charged the same I'd have no problems buying a bed like this if I needed one but they actually know we already have them and this was just icing on the cake piled onto of a lot of other recent events for me but and anyways, I appreaciate that you took the time to read it and leave a comment Anonymous!

I probably ended the calls as soon as I told them I had filed a report since they didn't call again today and usually do mid afternoon then at like 9 but I'm gonna do my best to get victims to take the time a fill out complaints to reign them into line...

Thanks again for the comment!
Date:June 6th, 2011 01:58 am (UTC)

Contour Bed's salesman

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My husband and I also had a bad experience with the salesman sent out by Contour Beds. At first he was very friendly, in fact once he learned that my husband was in the same line of business that the salesman at one time was involved with, he went on an one comparing notes for at least a half hour before even talking about the bed. We told him we were on a very tight schedule and needed to speed things up but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. My husband eventually started taking care of things that needed to be done around the house and I did my best to remain patient with the man. Long story short, after repeated telling the man no and my husband even had to listen to someone on the phone, after three and a half hours of "guilting", my husband opened the door and told the man he would have to go. My husband told the saleman that he didn't appreciate being pressured and guilted into buying the bed. When he said that even if he had a million dollars, he wouldn't buy a bed because of the high pressure tactics, the salesman retorted "Good, because I wouldn't sell you one." While I do believe the beds to be a good product, I think they are way overpriced and the strong arm methods of the sales pitch I could never recommend. So be careful when you answer that phone call or enter a contest for a free bed (which is what I did). You may have to threaten to throw the salesman out to get rid of him!
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Date:June 6th, 2011 11:20 am (UTC)

Standard operating procedure

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I felt bad for the salesman cause he was new but in this case he stepped up took the phone back from me and told his boss it wasn't gonna happen and hung up after getting chewed out for a bit not that I eavesdropped LOL.

I hope he found a better job already, he struck me as the type to not tolerate thier practices for very long the way he spoke up to his boss.

Curious how you found this post if you don't mind telling me, I planted seeds everywhere an am interested in where the hits keep coming from. This must really be common for Contour I even got a lotta hits from bed companies mostly in the US.

Nice to meet ya! Glad you have a husband that was able to show him the door and inamgine being in sales and being rude to a potential customer. You're gonna get the calls now, if it happens file a report with the FTC it just takes five minutes then tell them next call if you can swueeze any word in and the calls seem to stop over night.

Anyplace you can post this link to feel free as well and maybe we can get them to comply if enough people jump on the wagon.

It's a big wagon and I'll make room on it for everyone!
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Date:October 2nd, 2011 10:58 am (UTC)

Try harder Spammer!

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LOL @ escort services!