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Feb. 21st, 2011 @ 06:49 pm The Handivan does a 12.4 Second Eighth Mile!

So I needed a break and went to the track this past Saturday to watch a friend run his new car and decided to try a pass and did a 12.4 but was half a second late starting hahahaha.

It's been almost 30 years since I've been behind the Christmas Tree except with a camera and was staring at the guy telling me to inch forward to hit the second staging light and I see his face turn the lights are running and hit green just as I could see the thing so if I was actually paying attention I could have done a low 12 in the equivilent of a pickup with a foot of gravel in the bed.

I'm trying to set up a grudge match to get the thing painted against a couple weeks of grunge work in his garage but he's s been leading points for like the past 4 years so I'm gonna have to seriously think that one over LOL.

I did order line locks but they serve a more important purpose than locking my front wheels to race, when I am pulling the trailer with a load in it and stop on a slope, sure enough someone pulls right up behind me, I need to figure out why the sensors someone sent me to Beta don't work well and hook them to a 12 volt horn but and anyways...

If I stop on a hill I just have to hold down the brake hit the switch to lock them and instead of letting up the pedal to smoke the rear wheels, I just can hold it and when I got to pull out the front wheels will keep me from moving until the tranny is trying to push and I click the release that I'll mount on the end of the shifter.

I would be stupid to make a point of racing the Handivan but the thing really can take off after being overhauled bumper to bumper more or less so I might make one more run with a vid camera mounted over my shoulder but I'll wait until I get the line locks in just to see what my reaction time should really be.

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