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Feb. 5th, 2011 @ 01:06 pm Hightop Vans and the Wind...
When I first got the Handivan it was tough to keep on the road with a crosswind even if it was just a 30 mph one but after replacing the suspension and hanging a 160 pound piece of plate steel lower that the axles and as far forward as I can get it really sticks to the road especially with the reverse spoiler I welded on that cause a ground effect once you hit 50 or so and really puts the force down on the front tires so even with semis passing I barely feel a shove.

The ring in the middle is for my floor jack, the plate will balance at that spot, and 6 hardened 1/2 inch bolts hold it to the frame so I can pull it off if I ever need to get to the tranny.

I had an 2 and 1/2 inch exhaust system put on and grabbed a shot before they cut the old system away added with replacing everything on the engine including the throttle body with a brand new 17 year old NOS still sealed in an AC Delco box I've got the gas milage up to almost 15 from the 9 it got when I first bought the thing last summer.

Still a Gas Guzzler I know but the things weighs I dunno how much with the lift and all, that alone has to be at least 1200 pounds extra and it's a neccesity plus I seldom drive it even a 100 miles a week if that...


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