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Nov. 5th, 2010 @ 09:53 am Standing Room Only!
Yesterday I got the reinforcements I made secured to the roof of the handivan with stainless steel screws and fiberglass matting and a layer of fiber glass gell on top after the matt set up to seal the screw heads.

Today as soon as the dew's gone I'll build up the edges with more gell for a smooth transition then put three layers of fiber glass clother over it all to build it up so it doesn't crack in five years, another layer of gell then some sanding and I'll have two really solid spots to stand on the roof and take pictures from.

The other side is the side I'll use, and I've got some pipe flanges to mount to the reinforced section for a screw in bar stool and a screw in monopole for my camera plus something to hold a red LED so I can see but not lose my night vision...

I've got a weather proof 7 prong outlet to put in so I can plug things in and I need to pop the broken TV attenna off and fit in a vent for the exhaust fan I made for inside the thing to keep it from beoming an oven when parked in the sun.

This counts as overkill LOL but it will be pretty handy to have a seat ten feet in the air to see over crowds and when I put the chair lift down it lifts the van so it won't rock a bit if I'm in a crowd.

That's a Rap!

Standing Room Only!
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