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Nov. 1st, 2010 @ 07:26 pm Dern Dogs...
I was pondering next weeks project to reinforce the roof so I can stand up there and have a built in tripod mount and power and remembered some lights I had laying around so I was figuring on how to run the wires in and still be able to paint it and not have water running in on my head etc so I took it out of the box to poke at it turned my head and one of the puppies was trying to drag it all to the other end of the house apparently...

I made a pattern to cut two pieces of 3/4 oak plywood and already have pieces fiberglassed to the underside of the two flat spots perfect for this if it ever floods I can sit up there and fish but anyways and or I'll get the plywood to fit nice then seal it with some fiberglass mat and stainless screws and use pipe flanges to screw in a seat and monopole for the camera and a water proof 7 prong trailer outlet so I can power my red light, and I'll extend these with brackets forward so I don't put a half inch hole in the fiberglass then rip the roof off catching a tree branch.

Or some dog LOL.

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