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Oct. 23rd, 2010 @ 08:26 pm Tinkering Away
I get carried away I started sticking a CD player in the handivan which led to me taking apart the passenger door to see if there was a speaker hidden in there which led to me figuring I may as well figure out why the power window and lock doesn't work I think the lock is just a switch since it locks and unlocks by the other one just fine but oddly it tests ok with a meter and I think the motor for the window is just plain kaputz...

Since I had the door apart I figured I'd push out a dent in the door that was bugging me and got the torch and heated it and shrunk it over and over until the door skin pulled itself back tight and sealed the brace inside back to the skin with a bead of expanding foam, so tommorrow a few taps with a hammer and dolly to finish it out and it will just need a skim coat of filler to be all straight again.

I still don't have a radio.

Fixin a Dent..
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