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Oct. 18th, 2010 @ 01:10 pm Wham Bam
I got the skid plate for the van done and mounted this weekend.

It clears the tranny mount by an inch and that puts it just a half inch lower than the forward crossmember and sits 5 inches higher than the lowest part of the differential as planned. This adds 150 pounds below the center of my wheels far forward so it shifts the moment forward and a high speed turn sent me leaning against the door but the van sat level and not a squeal of tires and I did this on what's essentially a proving ground I'm not road racing I promise LOL, but as I was doing all this I realised I actually was doing the right thing because the chair lift probably is 6 or 700 pounds and mounts way in the rear which was taking some downward force away from the front tires which is kinda important since 70% of your braking comes from there plus it's niice to be able to steer...

The ring in the center worked great, it's an old cast iron flange I salvaged for 3 inch water pipe and with it bolted to the center a little 2 ton jack will hold it there without danger of slipping off and you can just roll it around to get the bolts started instead of having to try and yank it in place.

The front measured over the front tires dropped 3/8 of an inch after I bolted it on yesterday so I didn't over do it, and it definately improved the ride.

Bottom Side

It fits!
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