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Oct. 17th, 2010 @ 08:15 am Aurghhhhh!
LOL the best laid plans...

I was so worn out from lifting the skid plate off and on my portable truck workbench yesterday I needed to do something relaxing that didn't involve lifting so I drilled six holes in the frame so I could weld on some plates I made and hardened with a bolt welded in the center. Ten inch bolts go up from the bottom of the skid plate and screw into them and I need the threads to go up into the frame so I can really tork it down but and anyways that was still too labor intensive so I got to working on the arm for the hoist while sitting on the bed with a wheel chair on the ramp so I could tweak the length of the arm and,

I seriously missed the pivot point by about six inches which seems like nothing but it's everything.

It was dark I was in there with my highway constructions lamps so I couldn't really get an exact spot but I'm gonna have to spend an hour today really finding the right spot then remove the pivot and extend the mount.

On the plus side when I bought the skid plate it comes four feet wide and I had the welder guy I hopefully have made friends with since I've been bugging the heck out of to cut this or that over the last couple months, I need to tell him he can use the dock to fish, but I had him trim it down to forty four inches and ended up with a four inch by three foot long piece that should let me stick the pivot anywhere I want and while I am at it I have an electric ram I'm going to replace the static one this thing came with so I can actually push the arm up and down while still being able to run the winch up and down which will greatly simplify transfers.

I hope I can fit the turbo in this after I'm done welding...

LOL, maybe a blower through the hood.

Still Hackin
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