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Oct. 16th, 2010 @ 06:12 am Stump Jumper!
Or a skid plate whatever you wanna call it for the van...

5/16th Plate

I don't actually plan on doing much off roading just ignore the dual 350,000 candle light lamps for the roof, but I need to add some weight down low and as far forward as possible to shift the center of gravity a bit and have more weight over the front tires to make it handle better when I have a crosswind trying to push me like a sail boat into the next lane.

The 5/16th piece of plate I scooped up weighs about 140 pounds and I should clear the tranny and front of the driveshaft if I drop it 7 inches below the frame which still gives me 4 inches of clearance above the lowest part of the differential so I think it will work.

This will also put the plate below the center of my wheels since I went with a size taller tire and seriously just because I opted for the extra deep mud and snow tread still doesn't mean I'm gonna do much for wheeling although if I get a dozer next summer for a weekend I can fix the roads on my farm...
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