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Oct. 9th, 2010 @ 07:43 am The House Sucks Energy this Time of Year..
Which is a good thing the back faces West and gets full sun now until Spring and it's nice to wake up and find the place 75 degrees without the heat on and it's 48 outside.

I need some more firewood I get to a point I need to turn the furnace on but usually just 3 months out of the year and if I've got enough Oak I just fire up the woodburner downstairs in the woodshop and the heat is ducted to this floor and with so much insulation it will provide the bulk of the heat I need to keep 4200sf in the mid 70's...

Plus I have a duct in the computer room so if I'm sore I can close the other ducts and heat that room to 90 easy LOL.

I'm sore by the way from spending all of yesterday into the dark burying a water line from the road to the cabin since the well was decimated by lightning, it shattered the casing about 40 feet down so decimated, and I had to get a water tap for "city" in the country water. I made out big time when I bought the farm before I got married it had a clay road and it took a few days just to hack in far enough to clear enough room to burn and park my truck pile up tools start on the cabin but when I first looked at it and was mentally flipping coins between it and another 40 acres a mile away I looked up and saw the 3 phase power lines and that was all it took LOL.

2 years later the road was paved and 5 years later they extended the water system and put me a fire hydrant at both ends of my frontage, 1/4 mile along the road and a 1/4 mile deep all in trees, that's the easiest way to be a farmer I need a mile of fence then a herd of Goats now I got into the fed pine tree program, we'll help replant your trees cause it had been clear cut if I don't turn around and bull doze them away for a decade...

I like trees the land will never be clear cut again but they are50 60 an 70 feet tall now and I need to get them thinned so I have a tree every 10 or 12 feet instead of ever 3 so they branch out and form a canapy and there is enough room I can start doing controlled burns without worrying about getting the tops of the trees on fire I do 20 acres at a time and have a spring fed stream like the one I grew up playing in that splits the land so that makes it easy and I don't need half a dozen helpers.

If I thin it next year I won't make much at all dollar wise since they use the small trees for pulp and it cost them more to cut ever 2nd and 3rd tree without hitting the 1st but it might be close to getting 16, 330 foot rolls of cattle fence and goats be cheap in these parts and with the stream I won't have to worry about them ever having fresh water if life gets complicated and I can't drive up there, let mother nature take it's course they'll eat every low pine branch they can reach, the Oaks are big I made a deal with the logger before the land was cut made out like a bandit all the way around beginners luck...

Anyways today back to redoing the pivot for the crane in the handivan and starting on the fold down semi bed.

After I soak an hour in the whirlpool with the water as hot as it gets!

New Road

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