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Oct. 8th, 2010 @ 11:17 am Missed it by Thaat Much...
So I got the crane arm bolted in and in my reckless abandon I completely forgot that I was mounting the pivot meant to be vertical in a nearly level manner, onto a steel fram bent to fit inside the van with a snug fit...

It rests in the desired lock position perfect but let it loose gravity does it's thing and the arm swings to the middle and drops about 8 inches so I need to do some more hacking on the pivot point and have some pieces of plate steel I can weld a wedge to the back of the pivot drill even more holes and have it so the arm actually raises to just below the ceiling since I don't have to worry about the cage and a wheel chair sits higher than the recliner I'm building so six or seven extra inches will be a bonus...

I made the recliner bigger after measuring everything real careful to still fit the oxygen machine a regular wheel chair and have room to get from the front seat to the rear in a moment without having to climb over things so I't gonna be more like a twin bed with a sloped back, and should have the cushions for it next week...

Snug Fit

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