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Not Dead Yet.
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Oct. 6th, 2010 @ 12:07 pm Fall Cleaning...
The cold makes me hurt I don't feel good until I move around for a few hours and warm up or find a warm spot and was on the verge of choosing the latter and fired up the woodburner and flipped my ducts so they baked the computer room so I could be lazy but me being me forgot about the woodburner by the time I got to i...t and actually never got around to splitting any wood yet so I remembered it was time to swap out the hay in Wuff's Bunker so...

I hauled a lot of the old stuff out then lit it and the rest inside on fire, it will smoulder all day and kill any flea eggs or spiders or anything else for that matter and if I can remember to get by Ace to get another bale of hay, tommorrow I'll hose out all the ashes since I made the floor slope hard to the doorway, let it dry out then stuff it full and he'll dig himself a tunnel into the thing and hollow out the far back and have a foot of hair around him to last the winter then I repeat each Spring...

If we have a real Hurricane I've got kennels built in under my workbench for the dogs and cat but the dog house itself is low to the ground and has a steel fire door for a roof with concrete dumped on that.



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