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Sep. 11th, 2010 @ 05:54 pm I Forget
Dang I used to keep up in here been working on the Handivan gonna put an inside swinging lift to move her from her power chair to the back seat which is softer remodeling an antique wardrobe to fit a bigger tv we had in it and hook it up with surround sound for the wife but today I'm working on chemistry Bwahahahhaha!

I soaked a can half full of cggerette butts for a week then strained it half a dozen times then let it perc through a coffee filter to catch the really fine sediment that could still be big enough to clog a spayer and did a test spray on two fire ant hills.

The stomped the mound to get them agitated and to the surface then sprayed the stuff in the glass on the nest after I diluted it 8 times over with water and saw a bunch of larva come to the surface and curl up and die and the workers started going spastic then others began carrying more larva out of the nest so I dunno if it's effective enough to kill the nest or just enough to get them to relocate. I'm gonna wait two days and check the nest again and look for new ones five foot away and the spots I chose are far from any nests cause I'm a bit neurotic about keeping them under control LOL.

Tonight after it gets dark I'm gonna take my high power flash light and try to entice some german cock roaches out of the woods and seal them in two jars, one having a few drops of the concentrate and one without for a control.

this has been done before if you google it but I was thinking if I had it on vid killing them and make an Instructable about making your own it might get more attention and states growing tobbaco would have a market besides the ciggerette people and they'd fight tooth and nail to have Nicotine labeled as a pesticide but I'm wondering if Ortho would have the Kahunnas to go against them for a new product since everything available is weakened these days for enviromental reason and half of it is just pyrethrin made from carnations if you want to be really organic with a vegatable garden plant them all around the perimeter but and anyways back to Ortho they have the labs and all to really test this to get approval to market it and I bet there is purified nicotine de menthe available off the shelf the could play with quietly before even starting a quarl with the big guys that say smoking does not cause cancer...

I started smoking again for the record so I'm not out to fight with other smokers but it's super addictive and I've never met anyone that actually liked thier first ciggerette but if they make it through half a pack the catch the craving.

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