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Aug. 24th, 2010 @ 06:57 am Busy Busy Busy
I've been waking up at wacky hours waiting for the sun ever since I got back from Monroeville had a great time even finally found a fossil that I brought back with me had a horrible plane ride both ways the icing was coming home scanning my reciept or whatever and having two boarding passes pop out one for my connection in Atlanta and the other headed to Fort Walton blue skies what could go wrong right?

I spend the flight back explaining to the woman next to me who has never flown how to figure out her gate and warned her of Atlanta tending to send you from one end to the other in 10 minutes so they can watch people run in the monitors and showed her arrival and departure time giving her almost an hour to catchher flight no worries for her.

It never occurred to really look at mine it was headed where I wanted to go and it seemed I'd have 45 minutes but after I show her the screens to point the way to whatever concourse she is to be on I look and apparently upon arriving in Atlanta I became a woman because the ticket had some womans name on it and the next thought I have is any moment I'm gonna be drug off to some dark hole and interrogated for hours about how did I get into a secured area with a ticket in a womans name LOL and I cautiosly find a Delta person that looks at it gets wide eyed and say wait I'll fix it but I haven't a clue how that happened...

For the record it was a Delta agent that actually scanned my ticket for me at a quiosque no clue on spelling that one then checked me in but my correct ticket was supposed to be for a flight 30 minutes earlier...

Did I mention headed up took me 13 hours?

Anyways I get a later flight and make it home and I am standing at the baggage claim and the bags are getting sparce and it's just down to a few people hanging around when suddenly I see a Black D cup come strutting out all alone proudly and everyone looks and someone runs to shut off the machine and I turn and shouldn't have but asked who was gonna be brave enough to claim the bra????

Sorry to the one girl that would fit it but I noticed she did hang around after everyone left but I ask if they are gonna turn it back on and they tell me that's all the baggage and what's my name? and they find my bag got there 2 flights ahead of me and she asks what happened that I missed two connections so I tell her the ticket story but then say that for the record "That is not my Bra!"


Dang if someone had shoved it into one of the pockets of my luggage I'd have some splainin to do...

Found a Fossil!
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