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Jul. 14th, 2010 @ 10:12 am The HandiVan is Almost Done!
Except I'm bound and determined to paint it either bright white or preferably 1970 Chevy powder blue...

I put a hitch on it class four new exhaust and started on the lighting and dual camera system and sanded a good bit of the paint from the fiberglass extended top because it's crazed meaning it has microscopic cracks in it and if you don't get rid of all the paint the cracks swell into big cracks when you go to put some color on it...

Today I take the puppies for thier six week shots and all the smallest and most intelligent one I've been calling Leopold and would come to me when he was four anda half weeks old today at 6 weeks lifted his leg and peed on a tree at 6 am...

My dogs smarter than your's iz, mines just smarter than yours.

LOL I want to keep him and the other two are going to my stepson and my sister in law and I've been calling hers Tubby cause he was first out and twice the size of Leo and Whitey for Elliot's dog because he has a white spot under his chin like riscillia but really I need to call themand have them give me the prefered name so I can train them properly.

Six weeks old now all three will come when I call and if they stop two feet from the front door if I say get in the house they walk into the foyer.

Mini Flood and Camera Mount

Off to the Vets!
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