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Jul. 8th, 2010 @ 08:01 am I've Been Lax in my Updates!
I think I just wore myself out and having been using Facebook a lot and catching up with people I went to High School with and hopefull I can swing a three day vacation to get up there for the reunion on the 14th of August.

Got any extra plane tickets dad?


The van's running great I replaced the alternator cable with a piece of four guage instead of the dinky eight guage they had stock and now both batteries are showing 13.5 plus volts while riding and her Oxygen machine never over loads the Inverter I put in to power it even if I crank it up to eight liters a minute.

My wife wants to go to the Shea Clinic to get her ears checks its like a 9 hour drive but I think if we split it into two days there and two days back she can sit up for that long plus her power chair back reclines like a Lazy Boy.

I put some serious steel inside and underneith to mount the thing and by my guestimate it would take 1500 pounds force to let the chair break free if I hit a tree no rhyme intended and everything is grade eight and anchored and welded to the frame not just bolted to the floor bourd like it was when we got the thing...

I really want to paint it 1970 chevy powder blue and have a paint booth I can borrow but the wife said no to that since I want to use Sikkens basecoat clear coat on it which will run close to $800 even with Guy at L&H Automotive selling it to me at cost...

Guys' a good guy.

I'm also going to put in a bathroom fan vented through the roof with two inch Schedule 40 and do a revers trap so the rain can't get inside and it should be able to run off the rear battery for a day without running down the rear battery and the front one is isolated when the ignition is off so even if it drains the second completely the front one will always starts it, and when we park in the sun I can suck the hot air out and keep the van from getting to 120 on a sunny day.

2000 cold cranking amps total!

Built in Umbrella Holder

Properly Mounted
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