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Jun. 14th, 2010 @ 12:46 pm Time Flies
Apparently I've spent 2 weeks or so working on the van and too covered in grease to touch the keyboard...

So far I replaced everything for the Cliff Notes version and the final mechanical step was to take the tank down and replace the fuel pump.

I really cleaned it out good while I had it out LOL, because it must have had been repair once with some kind of sealant from the inside, the stuff is bumpy and has a yellowish color and I thought it was from the factory to trap sediments and washed the tank out with some clean gas then a half gallon of denatured alchahol to suck up and moisture, painted it black since there was no apparent rust on it and washing the outside when I preasure washed under there early on in my adventure it looked pristine...

More power and OCD I let the tank sit top side down in the 95 degree sun a day then thought it even smarter to stand it on its side and turn my diesel jet engine heater on the thing from ten feet away so it's good and dry, put the thing back in with the new pump and had dump 5 gallons of gas in the tank it fired right up ran smooth like it should with new fluids filters plugs cap rotor battery and a lot of other stuff like shocks I'm ramling I had a wheel cylinder in the back I replaced when I did the brakes and asked Debbie to help me bleed it real quick I let gravity do most of the work already since the brake fluid seemed dark I let them all run till it was clear and she starts the van I'm laying under the car loosening and tightening the bleeder and saying down and up a lot and I feel my shoulder getting soaked with something which begins to burn roll on my back and the tank has sprung a gyser which now has me very very covered in gas under a running car next to the exhaust I swear I don't go out and look for dumb things to do but I got out had her shut it off and I'm thinking somehow I poked it with the jack even though I used a block of wood so I put a pan under it and called it a day.

The gas did do a good job of getting the grease off me but I'm very glad I didn't end up a human candle.

The following day I crawl under there armed with JB Weld a wire brush grinder fiberglass resin and cloth and a scraper and I start scraping the paint off and see another spot that seemed wet so I scrape it then suddenly gas is running from it then another and another and I turn to my heavy duty air wire brush and take most of the paint off the bottom and it looks like it was hit by birdshot...

I probably could fix it but I'd probably get all but one so I gave into common sense and just ordered a new one...


The puppies are getting Fat!

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