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Not Dead Yet.
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May. 19th, 2010 @ 01:20 pm Todays Project is to put a Heater Core in the Van
Oh Joy!

I got a bargain basement price on an oxygen concentrator that draws 450 watts made by Devilbiss with only 20 hours run time on it and a 750 watt inverter so after I get the core changed and flush the system, change the oil and tranny fluid, caps rotor plugs and wires I'm gonna get some 2 guage wire and route it to the back add a diverter and a second deep cycle battery, make a padded box to house the O2 maker to quiet it down and vent it outside using a computer fan to keep the heat out and fresh air coming to it and we can go cross country!

I modified the side door stop to let the door open a few more inches and lock to keep it from hitting the lift on the way up got the inside scrubbed and 8 cans of aphoulstry spray die in blue.

The last thing or maybe the first thing since I bounce from project to project like a rabbit will be to weld a duplicate of the reciever to mount her power chair solidly to the floor in case of wrecks and in general it will be so easy to operate one of the caregivers will be able to get her in it and take her shopping solo.

Perfect day here.

Blue skies to everyone.

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