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May. 9th, 2010 @ 02:06 pm Cabinets
I am seriously OCD.

For about $80 and some time I salvaged the ancient kitchen cabinets from the mobile home on the farm I use to store things brought them home in sections and cut and sawed and glued and nailed and made two solid pieces that will just pop into the space over the cabin counters and stove and never fall apart...

It was only when I moved them outside with some help that I realized I went a bit over board and they weigh about a hundred pounds a piece LOL.

The wall will hold the weight we glued and nailed plywood to the studs before sheetrocking it and I have about thirty holes pre drilled to screw it down but I'm thinking this is a three man job so I'm gonna just get them painted and baked in the sun until I figure out someway to move them.

100 Pounds a Piece...

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