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May. 6th, 2010 @ 10:22 am Much Improved.
I've worked out my frustrations in the yard the grass has even germinated BP made the divng bell I have been pondering seems like a good idea I just cannot believe since they drill these depths all over the planet why no one bothered to maybe think about this and even maybe test it then have a dozen prebuilt since it took them a week or so to throw it together...

The wife went to a follow up yesterday and is doing great since the yard is cleaned up and the car on blocks that was back there for more than a year is gone Deb's garden is in I'm thinking of getting the pool fixed as my next project.

I need to mount a lift that pivots next to it to get the wife into the pool and back out again without me having to pick her up and since its five foot deep all across she can lay on her back and paddle while I hold her up without lifting anything just keepin her relaxed.

The cabin should have carpet next week Angela can finally move her house guests out of her house and into it pretty soon meaning within 2 weeks so I won't have any reason to leave the house except to get groceries and all.

I'm glad I built a big house it lets me not get cabin fever.

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