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May. 3rd, 2010 @ 10:06 am Tarred
I mean tired in a southern way...

We're set for a few days of rain seems like that would make the oil spill break up and be even more difficult to contain and impossible to burn but I dunno.

Scotty and Amanda were here this weekend for a quick visit and even went golfing on the new golf course by the farm.

I hope they send some pictures since they went after they left here to get back to school.

It's gonna be weird calling him Doctor lol.

I have half the cabinets put together for the cabin downstairs here and if I feel more energetic in a few hours I'll go down and try and finish them up but I put three together solid to cover the back wall and was lucky enough to have an eight foot section I trimmed to butt up against the back cabinets to make the bend and in principle I can get them painted and all here then run them to the farm and screw them on the walls in an hour easy instead of making trips back and forth to work on them there.

When I go to town I'll check the carpet place for remnants of vinyl and get them some keys so they can measure for carpet and it will practically be done.

Finally LOL.
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