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Apr. 23rd, 2010 @ 07:20 am Spring Cleaning...
Mary came home yesterday I got filled with Adrynline and Brad gave me a hand cleaning up the completely rusted out Temptest I've drug around for 20 plus years just for the motor and drive train it being a 326 and a power glide.

The car I was gonna drop that into was a 65 fury with a perfect body and 9 1/4 posi but it mysteriously vanished from the farm more than a year ago. The Temptest I brought here on a flat bed thinking I could roll it into the garge and pull the engine but being that there was no frame left it end up in three pieces LOL..

I told Brad he could have the steel and grabbed my chop saw and went to town and loaded a good 1200 pounds of rusted car into my truck and removed it from the property LOL.

No Pain at all this morning...

I'm gonna let Brad have the engine and all I've got too much going onbut I can now move my trailer that got banged up in the wreck, straighten it out and redo the welds and drop two new axles under it and I'm back in business.

A 16 foot trailer is a must if you like to build things LOL.


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