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Apr. 4th, 2010 @ 06:28 pm Squared Up the Kitchen Counter!
I went to the cabin this afternoon and got the kitchen cabinets all roughed in, square and level.

I'll have one pull draw 32 inches wide with some counter space by the stove and the sink against the back wall with three doors opening to undernieth for storing stuff then I'll put up maybe 12 feet of cabinets up on the wall to hold loads of stuff but still keep enough floor space work in as far as cooking goes.

The fridge goes to the far right and the stove to the far left and I'm gonna tile in the counter top with Black and Mostly White 4 inch tiles.

At this point the rest is simple to do and I'm gonna paint inside it with oil base so things don't stick like they do on a latex covered shelf and before I glue the top down since its easily accessable at the moment and the same with the wall cabinets before they go up and the rest of the cabin will get done in latex.

I was gonna use the left over antique white from the last project for most of the walls and maybe do a wall or two in left over colors from this house just to break up the monotony...

As soon as this is done I'm gonna get my second septic permit extended 6 months since I already paid for the thing way back during the trailer fiasco and build a two bedroom version of the cabin a few hundred feet away after the new house is done.

L Shaped Counter


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