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Mar. 18th, 2010 @ 05:10 pm Movin Along
The lots cleared and ready to build on. Mike really did a good job getting up every stump and knocking the dirt lose then graded the lot nearly level with a slight slope to the front right where the water's supposed to go, ya gotta plan for those tropical storms...

Small towns I said Mike cleared it which he did and it ended up being a Mike I've known for eight years.

When they were clearing it I showed up got some odd stares from his crew who met me halfway asking who I was and what did I want and I said something like Brad's building me a house here or something which put them at ease and I look over to the Bobcat and Mike's sitting in the seat which led to Me saying Mike? and likewise back so I said well now I don't have to bother to come back and check on it and laughed cause he's a good guy...

He did an excellent job gotta remember the name of his comapany but next we apply for a septic tank permit which takes like two weeks to actually get around here then they will issue a building permit I gotta get Brad some power out there and he can go to town.

Out in the country.

Ready to Build On
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