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Mar. 3rd, 2010 @ 11:24 am Ima Farmer!
LOL well technically at least...

When I first bought the farm like 18 years ago the man had sold the timber on it but it hadn't been cut yet so I made him a low offer telling him I had no clue what I was buying since it could end up being a real mess of you've ever seen a bad clearcut, then turned around and sold an easement to the power company for the transmission lines they had no right of way for and knocked 25% off what I paid for it right off the bat, then I went to the guy he sold the timber to made a deal to let them have first dibs at recutting it after I replanted it all in exchange for leaving ten or so acres and some of the bigger Oaks and all, got with water management since they had to pull a permit which is 100 times easier for them than I, to put a crossing across my stream and made a friend who turned it into a permanent crossing so I bought a 21 foot piece of 24 inch coated pipe and had that put in instead of the temp one, they cut the timber made me some extra roads and I used the water management guys advice that the current permit allowed me to go ten feet above the water and I had about 9000 concrete blocks a salvaged when they tore down the old Winn Dixie for a bigger one and made myself a proper crossing that just happens to have the ability to meet the pond codes and let it fill a 3 acre pond if I get a horse or goats or a cow even to classify it as a farm pond which is ok by the epa compared to one to build a house next to...

Plan ahead.

Anyways when Dave was trying to salvage the cabinets for the cabin he found my planting contract and brought it home in like 12 years apparently they are already 50 foot tal six inches in diameter at six foot above ground level and should be thinned between now and a few years from now so they are about 10 foot apart instead of three or four feet but I'm gonna wait to do that and make proper roads if I can rent a dozer for a week. The use smaller equipment and even though they'll complain about the extra drive my hills are as steep as the ones in my parents back yard so I am gonna zigg zagg everything against the slopes and leave run offs and all and grass it so it will last a good long time and I can just bush wack them all.

I'll thin them again after a canopy forms and eventually they'll choke out the underbrush so you can just walk and walk...

I'm gonna need a mile of fence to close it in but I'm thinking a heard of goats is gonna be my best beasts of burdon...

Federal Replanting Program

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