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Mar. 2nd, 2010 @ 08:56 am New House is Coming...
Staying home today to go to a closing on the equity loan on this house to build the spec house...

Actually I'm gonna rent the house and the rent from the cabin almost pays the equity loan payments then we'll flip it to a 15 year mortgage and that's another source of income for the household.

Dave and Brad are hanging the ceiling in the cabin today he loaded up all my drywall guns and router and all and hopefully it won't rain tommorrow so we can haul the rest up for the walls.

Thye trailer cabinets are a total loss I should have known really really cheap made out of paneling not worth reusing except for the door fronts but I can throw together some basic cabinets pretty quick for a minimal cost since I will have plenty of hinges and door faces that I don't have to pay for.

I recycle everything even the cabin is built originally from 60 year old lumber all toungue and groove which makes it very very stout...


Go Team!
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