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Feb. 2nd, 2010 @ 09:34 am More Gadgets
I got the cabin termite treated yesterday and did a few other things like scrounge through a pile of left over pipes and fittings glued together, found one with a female garden hose adapter, stopped at Ace and got a valve and made a water powered fishtape shooter.

I'm Burying about 380 feet of #8 wire to my well from the cabin and using black flexible water line as conduit.

Not exactly up to code but the wire can be buried without conduit so this is just to warn me if a shovel ever taps it and maybe keep me from getting zapped again. It slips onto the end of the piping with a socket tied to the wire, then the water preasure shoots the socket through the pipe and pulls the thinner wire with it. Once it's through you tie it to the bigger wire and pull it back the other way. The prototype sent the socket through 180 feet of pipe in about 3 minutes so I added the hose fitting and valve since I had just taped the test model together with duct tape.


Today's project is to get the wire in the pipe and bury it in the trench about 20 inches down so the copper thieves don't hit me again...

Female Garden Hose Fitting

Pin Hole for #14 Wire

Water Powered Fish Tape Shooter

I really need to fix the ceiling in the kitchen LOL, it's only been five years since I cut it open to get to a leak when I tiled the bathroom above it...
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