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Jan. 30th, 2010 @ 08:17 am I Couldn't Stay Home LOL.
I had the best of intentions...

The cabin is looking great I wanted a picture of the roof sealed up like the place was sent back in time 16 years, forgot to load the memory for the camera and instead walked around in the storage trailer and got Dave to carry over everything I figured Brad would need next week.

The place is solid now I stuck I think 8 additional piers in concrete and secured them to the cabin floor and I'm going to cover the inside walls with plywood glued and nailed before the sheetrock goes up so it will last another decade easy.

It's good to be a pack rat I dropped off the floor plan to the carpet people I always use but for the bulk of all this I'm using leftovers I've had forever crammed in the trailer so the only thing I really needed to buy was some odds and ends hardware and plumbing wise, the window heat pump air conditioner I got on clearance for half price ya gotta buy things in the off season and the carpet which I'll do all in remnants and add that they were all shocked to see me walk in and jumped up to try and give me a chair they will probably hook me up pretty well.

Actually they always do I'll add a link to them if I remember...

The fence for the top of the garden at 101 feet is straight as an arrow I'm very OCD about such things, I rigged up a contraption to pull a fish line which in this case is actuall #14 wire through 200 feet of conduit yesterday it worked first time and took five minutes tops to pop out the other end so now I can pull the #8 wire back through it and bury it 16 inches so I don't accidently dig into it a decade from now and in a couple more weeks when I feel up to it I have about 80 pine trees to fell inside the proposed spot.

I'll drop them into the garden area closest first so the stack themselves then let them dry real well and cut into 6 foot lengths and have a serious bonfire before I get a tractor to grade everything. The ashes raise the soil Ph which you need to do here for taste reasons so the trees aren't being wasted and I'm saving $'s not buying sacks of fertilizer. The pines are LobLolly I planted so the stumps rot unlike a yellow pine, I'll back my truck in there and yank out all the under brush roots and all then grow melons over the stumps and plant everything else at the top of the area since it's been root raked and I can till it.

Add some lawn sprinklers on a timer to each corner and one on the ground at the lowest spot of the fence to be self draining in case of freezes and I'll be a gentleman farmer dressed like Eddie Albert...

I've got a septic permit that I payed dearly for when we were gonna put the mobile home up there that is still good so I was eyeing up the 100 year old sills I have stacked in the trailer yesterday and decided the place needs a second cabin so I've got a project in mind already can't sit still even mentally I need to remember to go by the permit office and extend the septic permit 6 months and give them some floorplans to modify it which I think they do for nothing but can't remember.

So much I can't remember but I seem to remember the things that count.

Glad I can walk.

I've got the Whole World in my Hands....
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