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Jan. 26th, 2010 @ 06:53 am I'm Sore as Heck
Putting my socks on this morning took a lot of swearing...

Lots done on the cabin though.

Gonna go up one more day then take a break tommorrow and spend the day on the heating pad.

I should have the wiring roughed in and two more piers concreted under it for good luck and the top row of posts for the garden ithe another water line as a bonus.

Why let a perfectly good ditch go to waste and I have a hundred some feet of water line extra so I can get a spicket mounted on the corner post to tie in a sprinkling system on timers for next spring.

I'd like to run over and borrow my neighbors tractor but I think the bouncing would be too much too soon so I won't fence the rest off until I burn up the last remnants of trees we cleared and till it under and to be simple I'm gonna start with stuff like cantaloupes and cucumbers and maybe some pumpkins.

I might plant a few cats to but I dunno I'll have to ask the wife first.

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