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Jan. 23rd, 2010 @ 07:56 pm A Productive Day
And I still have some energy after 6 hours of playing boss.

A friend of mine went to the farm with me this mrning unloaded all the supplies form the truck before it rains tonight, helped me take down the wire to the well so we could burry it and I made a list of plu,bing parts I need to pick up once Brad gets the section of floor replaced.

I'm rewiring the place while I'm at it and adding outlets for a washer and dryer then I'll treat it for termites let it dry over night insulate it and cover teh inside walls with plywood then sheetrock over them
I built it 16 years ago so I'd have a place to live while I finished college then turned around and got married so I never actually got to live in the thing LOL.

It's small but efficient and the power bill is low and I already have a couple that wants to move in when it's finished.

I've got so many left overs from building the house including insulation and wire and plumbing parts and even a shower stall I never put in the pool house so I should be able to do this with my shoestring.

The bonus is I'll also clear out alot of attic space...

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