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Jan. 21st, 2010 @ 01:15 pm Sleepy is Easy
I seem to have set myself up too conveniently...

Between the hospital bed with a better mattress and all my gadgets and computers and tv set up around me like a pod in a spaceship I got way too relaxed and fell asleep after lunch and slept the day and night away...

We must have had a huge storm last night the bridges here are flooded, some of the roads, my dock is inches above the water in most spots and under where it steps down for a boat which means it came up about 15 inches over night.

Spread out over 375 acres of Lake is a lot of rain to sleep through LOL.

The house is solid didn't even hear a creek.

I'm walking a good four hours a day already with the docs blessing his only words on my therapy after he told he he so no reason to send me to PT since I seem to more on my own anyways was if you think it will hurt don't do it and when you get tired sleep.

Simple Instructions are best for me LOL.

We're a couple weeks from starting on a new home to be used as a renatal a friend of mine Brad is a contractor and gave us a good deal the mortgage will be less than half what it will rent for even when you add in taxes and insurance and the rates are low so it will pay itself off quick...

It's only five miles from here so I'll get to at least go get in the way.

Being able to get up is great. I thought i'd be flat on my back 5 weeks at least.


High Water
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