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Not Dead Yet.
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Jan. 19th, 2010 @ 06:52 am Half a Closet Organizer
With a shoe shelf!

Assemble This

I got someone to set the plywood on the saw horses yesterday for the second closet organizer and got them all cut, had them stuck in the bed of my truck byt the helpfull caregivers, trimmed them all square with the table saw and rollers on a stand work great as a third hand, got them reloaded into the truck, pulled ack around front and they carried them in and stacked the pieces in the kitchen so when I get my next burst of energy I can get the glue and trim nailer and put them together but today I go to get another Set of Ct's and an X-Ray then visit the Neurosurgeon and I should be cleared for take off in a low G sort of way...

The Mysterious Plane

I slept the rest of the day away after doing two hours of cutting after that LOL.

Step by Step...

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