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Jan. 14th, 2010 @ 01:46 pm Stuff To Do.
Deb moved into a guest bedroom amd is clearing out a closet so she can put all her stuff up and I told her if she built it I'd make another closet organizer so she has plenty of room.

The closet in the room is about ten feet long so I am thinking two eight foot shelves will hold a lot of stuff and there is thousands of square feet in the attic all decked for storing things and to make the house stay square during strong wind two birds but I convinced her she could drive my truck I sat on top of the passenger seat of tools and showed her how to use the pliers to start it up then guess what gear you're in and the first thing she wanted to do was move the seat up and it hasn't budged in fifteen years I'm set in my ways and there is literially no floor space on the passenger side being as said before filled with tools that she had to scoot up to reach but drove off like a trooper made a trip to Lowe's to get two pieces of finished plywood then to Winn Dixie to get some groceries it felt food to get out but I was happy to lay down when we got back.

I tried real hard not to laugh at her needing to use both hands to start the truck and there were a few terse moments where I wanted to just reach over and start it but that's on the list of things I can't do and I'm not pushing it last night I got my feet tangled in the bedsheets and went to roll over sound asleep and screamed out loud enough for Angela to come running in thinking I had a stroke or something sorry!

I'm very fortunate to have help.

Closet Organizer Two
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