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Jan. 13th, 2010 @ 01:12 pm More Wood
I made a 35 minute video of the tree cutting guy for himself in 40 degree weather so I must be doing better.

It was about a hundred foot pine on the property line that if it fell would take out either my neighbrs house, my house, or the power line so John had it removed in case of hurricanes. It was a long leaf pine so not good for the wood burner but they hauled the pieces over to my wood pile vut them up and left me about 12 foot of the trunk to make a future bench out of. It's about 20 inches in diameter but too cold for me to count the rings. Long leaf tends not to rot, the core of it is where fat lighter comes from and it just smells of turpentine so after it cures a few months I'll drag it onto the driveway debark it and a couple three foot sections, not them log cabin stile, and lay the long one on top of the short ones then use my chain saw to cut the top flat and a super heavy dury sander I have to smooth up the rough spots but still let it keep the natural rough look, and put it at the far end of the pool for sitting purpoises...

Jumping through hoops all day makes a porpoise tired.

They are dumping the ground up stuff on the hill on the lot next door to trap sand washing off the road and spreading it out a bit. Eventually it will compost the grass will take over and I'll have a dip I've been trying to get rid of for some time now almost filled in.


Big Bench
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