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Not Dead Yet.
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Jan. 11th, 2010 @ 10:47 am Much Improved.
I'm on my first nap but walked wuite a bit this morning took the dogs out into the artic didn't see Nanook or the fur trapper fellow but theres standing ice on the ground still at 10:30 Am.

Can't wait until these staples are out the pane is much less sleeping on a side but I roll all over in my sleep under about fifty pounds of comfortors.Chilled the master beadroom with just a tiny fan beinging in outside air t 63 so the wife slept the entire night even past nine...

Dang dogs are drivig me nuts insisting on sleeping with me the pup at my feet but Priscial has a habit of pushing herself back to back which make it a but frustrating when I am scootching myself over inch by inch and she justkeeps moving over so I can roll on my back and take a crab walk and another scootch and has taken to try and nose herself under my shirt to check over my incision as she always does but my long johns shirts go past my waste so I seal her out LOL.

She means well.

It's cold.

I'll take the long way to the back in the power chair and light a fire later...

Today it's off to the Doc's!

Still Frozen at 10:30...
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