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Not Dead Yet.
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Jan. 9th, 2010 @ 10:21 am Back Stretch
Rounding the bend I walked a few laps around the house yesterday and ate normal drank lots of water in place of coffee and managed to get a few hours around 4 am this morning of actual sleep staples come out Monday then taking wife to dentist next week I'll be much better by Wednesday I bet pain meds keep me awake I cut my dose in half two days ago and my sleep cycle will work like normal once I don't need one at night dumb luck most people get tired and sleepy on pain meds so I have a built in counter measure to keep me off the things...

I'll go through the mail in shifts today and for the record the weekend care giver confirmed I really do have a bruised rib and dent on my forhead so even unconcious I can manage to find a way to bonk myself...

I'm thinking it's the brace though that actually got my ribs so sore.

Life Continues.

As you were.
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