Crash Tester (senseless) wrote,
Crash Tester


Just a few odds and ends left like cleaning off my desk writing notes for the caregivers and packing my bag.

I've got to leave here at 4 am I'll be a zombie so in general I'm gonna take my one last day and loaf.

Yesterday Deb helped sort the closet and by that I mean she did it all LOL while I went to the farm and got some more firewood I had piled up then showed the cabin to the other caregiver's husband who has a friend that really needs a place to live with his wife and newborn and has a temporary place but to rent something here and pay all the various deposits costs an easy $1200 and there is just plain no work here as far as construction goes and I have all the materials including insulation to finish it except a heatpump and carpet and add to the fact it will be a minimum of 4 months before I could even consider working on it myself then add 2 months at my I forget what I am doing constantly pace I figured it will sit there or I could let the guy do the work, move in for four months free then rent it without a deposit to them for a nominal fee.

It's too small in the long run but they could save up for a better place and things will turn around eventually especially when the F35's get here and all the support teams needing lodging.

I parked the truck in the back on the slope so the rain will just run out and the logs can sit there until I can con someone into painting my fence and bringing them into the bottom level and if I'm really good maybe split it for me but if not I'll think of something.

The woodburner kicks butt during the day it will heat the entire main floor to 76 on these 45 degree days we've been having.

This is Rigley signing off...


Put Away
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