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Not Dead Yet.
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Jan. 1st, 2010 @ 06:28 pm It Was a Silent Day!
I seemed to have slept it away...

The caregivers son came with her today and we were supposed to make a wood splitter out of a hydrolic ram I have and I had energy when I woke we went to Walmart and got some crocks since I'm supposed to have rubber slip on shoes to use no bending to tie laces says the doc and then went down to the shop to start welding and I discovered to my dismay the ram won't work horizontally.

It's actually for my engine hoist and works fine for that but I was gonna make it so I could swap it out depending if I wanted to pull an engine or split logs. Not working sideways put an end to that project real quick so we started finishing up some shelves I made to put in my closet for extra storage space and then fatigue hit me and I told him I needed to lay down a bit and he could amuse himself with the blocks which he did, building towers then knocking them down I took a few shots of his work and he spent the bulk of the day watching videos while I slept I guess everything caught up to me and really I may as well get the sleep while I can so I don't feel guilty other than he really likes to watch me weld.

I promised him I'd think of something else to make and would let him get some more practice using the mig.

Every ten year old should know how to weld...

Testing 456

Testing 123
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