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Dec. 30th, 2009 @ 06:30 pm Six Hours of Tests
And I'm cleared for take off...

A simple run and get a CT scan so the Doc would know how far to set the screws into my spine triggered an all day affair apparently I'm worse since the last one 2 months ago and the Doc needed to see me so while I was there I got pre admitted including a nifty green arm band that I have to keep on until I come home a week from friday six hours of surgery instead of four as previously discussed says my Surgeon he was concerned about me caring for the wife but I explained all the prep work I and everyone helping me accomplished in the last five weeks I won't even be able to lift a gallon of milk six months to recover not four a big list of do's and don'ts no pushing my nifty cart around and serving the wife tea in the morning I need to go buy some loafers tommorrow cause I'm not to bend over and tie my shoes let alone put on socks this weekend is my last chance to stock up on firewood It's gonna hurt big time he says no driving for a few weeks so I'll need a ride to get the staples out and then to see him in two weeks for yet another CT to see if the screws took and if they do then I can drive but still no lifting I'm so glad this is being done now instead of later in 2010 since I'll hopefully salvage at least part of next summer he'll put me on lots of pain killers but told me they won't help much since I've been on and off them ever since the wreck and appareently the brain rewires itself in such a way that they don't effect me like they do normal people who have just had surgery once although I do think he was a bit confused and thought I've been on pain meds since 97 when I had my first back surgery so we'll see.

Pain I can do anyways I just want to be able to work like before.

My lungs are clear as can be like I never smoked in my life dumb luck is my friend but I'm still having serious cravings LOL.

Scouted out the fourth floor where they'll stick me and they actually have wireless set up I was gonna "borrow" a dial up account and I'm trying to talk Kevin at 99Rocks to chase me around with a wheel chair for a vid the guy could probably pick me up with one hand if I fall so we'll see if he shows up and besides I need restocked on swag so I can get them some advertising big hint Kevin...

All in all it was a long day I hurt like heck when I made it home but an hour on the heating pad and I feel uman again.

I'll be fine I'm sure but anyone bored that wants to chat next week I think I'll have the time LOL.
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