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Dec. 12th, 2009 @ 07:04 am The Blocks Need a Box
This is a serious set of building blocks and will weigh close to eighty pounds in a box sorry Elliot but dumb luck being my shadow I first stacked them in a tight rectangle and only had three blocks left over and since I want them to fit in the box exactly, again sorry Elliot, so when the lid is closed you can tell one if they are put away right, and two if they are all in there I proceded to drag the sander from the garage so I could use the leaf blower when I was done to send the dust into the Azalias for fertilizer but mostly cause I'm to lazy to sweep it up so now I have a set of very smooth blocks of assorted sizes that can easily build a seven foot sky scraper trust me I had to test them but will pack up nicely when not being used.

I have some 24 inch wide planks from the bundle of damaged wood I got from Lowe's that will serve this purpose I just need to glue and clamp a long split first but when done I'll stain it cherry and two heavy duty handles for each side and hinged and a latch and a few other decorative pieces I love making furniture so this can sit next to a wall and blend in instead of needing hidden in a closet and lifted out with a crane everytime he wants to use them he being Sean the grandson.

The blocks are super soft I used lodge pole which is a soft pine and sanded them splinter free. I don't want to stain or poly uerethane them since kids put things in thiers mouths but they are gonna need a good coat of paste wax so they can be cleaned with soap and water and not ever worry about mold again sorry Elliot I just make these things paste wax is too close to cleaning something for me but he should get years of service from these like I did when I was a kid.

I used to make all my Christmas presents when I was young.

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Date:December 13th, 2009 03:30 am (UTC)
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My grandfather made a set of blocks much like these when I was around 2-4 years old. He was a cabinet maker and had access to lots of 1.5"-thick strips of oak. He cut them into somewhat regular sizes on the two narrow dimensions, but the lengths weren't quite a regular as yours. I remember that being glaringly obvious to me when I was 3. :)

Actually I still have that set out in my garage here in Toronto, but I never had kids to give them to.