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Not Dead Yet.
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Dec. 10th, 2009 @ 03:48 pm Near Death Number 15
I just took the wife to the docs the power chair somehow came loose as I pulled onto the highway and I never felt it roll into the road someone flagged me down turned around to go get it, people already were moving it to the side of the road thanks, I load it back on it's carrier checking to see how it possibly could come loose since it's got a reciever like a semi and then I looked and saw a piece for the jack I put under her seat so I could lift it as high as the car seat and just scoot her in, checked for no traffic went and got it then saw a bolt in the center of the left lane, my mind went blank like it does and I walk over to pick it up and see a truck doing 55 about 50 feet from me so I stood up real quick like and jumped to the center lane as cars wizzed by on both sides...

When the traffic cleared I calmly walked to the car heart rate never past 70 and the caregiver is going nuts since she was standing 30 feet away.

I asked if she thought to video tape it with her phone but alas she didn't think of it or so she claims...
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