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Dec. 9th, 2009 @ 10:00 am Real Sleep!
Dang I was tired and nodded off as soon as the wife was settled down for the night and only had to get up at three to take the puppy out.

I fell back asleep and lasted till eight...

Doctors appointment for the wife today but it's not a long drive so I should be back in time to strt sanding Sean's building blocks.

The front driveway is covered in saw dust and will be knee deep by the end of the day. I sweep the stuff up put it in a box and set it in the wood burner before I go to bed to make use of the calories or else use the leaf blower to spread it around the front yard and then mulch it with the lawn mower so it's too small to be termite food.

Enough for a SkyScraper

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