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Dec. 7th, 2009 @ 08:38 pm Bonus Day
I went to Lowe's to pick up five boards to make the grandson Sean some building blocks and parked at commercial sales as always in a way I can just swing into the loading dock and as I got near the store I saw a truckload of lumber marked for Forty Five dollars and I humphed thinking it was shatter firewood but got up close and not only was more than enough of the two by whatever I was looking for with a long grain the stack had three sets of twenty four inch wide planks and a couple sheets of 3/4 inch treated plywood I just happen to need to fix the cabin floor and would have been Eighty bucks next summer and on and on and the sticker said originally three sixty seven I thought how foruitous and walked in and bought it and was gone in under fifteen minutes from the time I hit the parking lot to the time I was out of it...

I planed down all the two by eights and tens so they are now one and a quarter inch thick and set them in the house to let them acclimate as well as the 24 inch wide stuff that just needs a long split glued and clamped for a day and will make for a pretty fancy Building Block Box I might hammer out some steel and piratize the thing. I'll make them two and a half inches wide, so two placed on edge will be the same size as one laying on top flat, and make the blocks themselves either five, ten, fifteen, or twenty inches long plus a few dowls five and ten inches long and I'll need to remember to drill a hole slightly bigger in the center of a few of the blocks and think of a few wheels maybe.

He's too young right now really the kid is huge and would be flaying them around but in a year or two he'll be set and for revenge thinking purposes I'm going to make the Building Block Box so they only will fit in if they are arranged properly...

At least they'd know if he left one somewhere LOL.

When he's older he'll figure it out himself and give his parents a break but it is a good way to make him think so I hope thier not tooo mad.

Future Building Blocks


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