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Dec. 4th, 2009 @ 03:16 pm Aurghhhhhhhh!
It's almost three in the afternoon and only 45 degrees outside I convinced the wife we really didn't need to air condition the Master Bedroom since I have the duct work from the central unit shut off and have a separate unit just for in here the last reading I saw was 66 degrees and dropping at 4 am LOL. The thing just switches to a fan if the outside air is lower than whatever you want to set it to cool to but I had this thought of waking up to it being even colder and the fact we both fell asleep in a just nodding off in an instant sort of way at 6:30 the night before and never woke for dinner or me to give her her nighttime meds and of course the dogs needed to get involved so I was outside before I woke up in the dark without a coat and having flashbacks to the time I got lost in the rain and snow for 23 hours and geez I never got back to sleep tub didn't help at all or the Kevlar Backbrace although that did make an attempt to help made the wife tea and cream of wheat took the dogs out again with a coat this time and got under my 2 comforters and the heating pad and was still shaking when the caregiver got here...

She saved me by reminding me where my long johns are kept.

Forgetting takes some getting used to LOL.

And some help!

Her son comes home next week from the hospital thanks for the thoughts and I got lost I was saying after getting long johns and dressing in proper attire I took the wife to a retired teachers meeting she's loving the power chair and had a good time seeing her long time friends and got out of the house saying how great the weather was as I shivered got her back to the house and took the dogs out fed the cat and Wuff and now I'm ready for a nap but please wake me for dinner.

Someone's Home
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