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Nov. 29th, 2009 @ 01:00 pm Blue Moons
The second full moon in the same month is a blue moon and doesn't happen very often hence the phrase once in a Blue Moon for things people never get aroundtuit and this has been a long long year for us here and so many hoops to jump through but come Monday I should have cleared the debts I got from La La land sfter reading the FTC's website a couple times and brushing up like I was an attorney I know prelaw was never a major with all the Latin and and all but you need to be really clear and simple in any settlement and insist it's resolved with prejudice so they can't come back at you two years later and don't let a collection agency try and convince you they can charge interest on a charged off debt but don't quote me google it all for yourself but and anyways most of the gadget are made the rental is 99% done I'm snoozing today from all the attention I need to muster up when we had guests for the holidays as is the wife and the house guest tore up his back tearing down a house for someone and it's been in the 30's here and geez I ramble when I'm tired the weekend caregivers son is moving here in a month from michigan 19 so another house guest I built this house for someone with a large family with kids to grow up in if I ever had to I'd probobly sell it for less to a young couple with kids than a retired couple but of course you can't do it and not likely to ever occur I'll do the four months a recovering the first house guest is gonna finish the cabin on his off days and the second after a discussion will help him for a day or so then or now and the caregiver that which is his mother is going to move back at the beginning of the year they can save there money, be here after my surgery and they to will start spring summer on solid ground the first house guest will relocate to the cabin on the tree farm when it's done for a reduced rent and months free in place of labor plus he just got a car so,

I got my ducks in a row and can sleep all night again.

OH and the Blue Moon thing.

This New Years Eve is both a Blue Moon and a Partial Lunar Eclipse...

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