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Nov. 27th, 2009 @ 12:46 pm Thanksgiving on Black Friday...
We're having a housefull today for Thanksgiving since the grandkid and his parents had to be at the other inlaws yesterday and the house guest was invited to some pseudo relatives.

The turkeys almost done and we'll have at least fifteen guests plus the dogs!

I accidently came home after dropping said house guest off took off my biker jacket hung it on a chair in the kitchen with my phone in the gun pocket went to lay down on the heating pad, fell asleep, woke at eight to get dinner for the wife and I having forgotten about my phone, woke this morning to five missed come get me please calls and it wasn't until seven I realized I needed to find the phone LOL.

Poor Dave he slept on someones couch last night called me at 6 while I was in the tub and missed a sixth call, called him up and it was thirty three degrees out so I rushed to rescue him.

I'm a bad bad person LOL.

Actually I just forget simple things like this all the time and he was OK and too polite to call the house number for which I chastised him mildly.

34 Degrees Outside
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