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Nov. 19th, 2009 @ 07:38 pm What a Good Day
The power chair is frickin excellent went to the Doc's for the wife and talked about my surgery recovery time and he emphasized I wouldn't be able to just jump up and take care of her a week later which will help me later trust me LOL and he looked over the chair mods brought his staff in to look and out of the blue he said I needed to write a book about all the bullets we both dodged in the last six or so years longer for my wife which felt good but I doubt I'd have the attention span to actually do it I need to corner some publisher or maybe make an outline and send it off to a few and explain I'd need a hand I know nothing of how all this works maybe it will give me something to research while I'm flat on my back I'm close to having all the loose ends wrapped up and am going to relocate the computer to the puppy nightstand device and screw down all the wires so the puppy can't get to them and I can just by reaching over, add a wireless keyboard and I'll be set and also have my desk top cleared off so it's actual usable I'm so close to sorting out the mail found all over the house just two and a half boxes left and with a usable desk I
l'll be able to get rid of the card table I'm using to keep stacks of sorted things on and have plenty of room to hobble around in here without falling over something.

Except the puppy.

Usable Space

We also stopped a few places the wife is having a blast going up and down isles without me pushing her in a hurriedly manner (I hate window shopping) and I can just wonder around or walk laps up an down the isles we stopped at Good Will one of my favorite places to shop I'm still looking for a sewing machine but settled on a pretty nice digital TV for $39 to put up in the guest suite so if the neighbors grand daughter moves in as planned after my surgery she can have tv and the network is already run up there so when she's not in class and just hanging out during the day she can have some privacy, got home lay on the heating pad for an hour and I'm actually still mostly awake at eight without a nap...

I also got four calls on the rental and the ad came out this morning so I should be able to get someone in there with time to spare before I get a knife taken to me.

It was a stress relieving day.
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Date:November 20th, 2009 05:56 am (UTC)
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You have earned a stress relieving day!! :o)